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Reasonable Fitness

What do you mean?

Through out this website you have seen the term "reasonable fitness" listed as a prerequisite for diving instruction.  Lots of people ask the question, "What is reasonable fitness?"  So we wanted to take a minute to define it a little more thoroughly than you may have seen.

Even with the progress in diving equipment and technology, scuba diving is still a very physical sport.  And in addition to the physical fitness needed to dive, water pressure exerts forces on the body that can exacerbate certain physiological conditions.

Everyone who learns to dive must answer a standard medical questionnaire.  This questionnaire was developed by the Recreational Scuba Training Council to help dive instructors screen potential students for medical conditions that may be aggravated by scuba diving.  Students are asked to review the form and answer a number of questions (30-40) with a yes or no answer.  Any student indicating a yes (affirmative answer) to any question is required to have a physical examination by a licensed physician.  The physician must examine the student in relation to the form and indicate a professional opinion on whether the student is fit to dive.

If you would like to see the form, click here to open a copy.


Swimming Evaluation

For your safety, PADI (our training agency) requires that we evaluate your swimming abilities prior to your participation in a scuba course.  This evaluation consists of an untimed 200m swim as well as a 10 minute water tread/float.  This allows us to insure that you are comfortable in the water.

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