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Scuba Training

Open Water Diver Referral


Don't stop now.

So you started the Open Water Diver program and life got in the way.  We understand.  We're normal people too!

Don't let it all go to waste, finish your Open Water Diver training with Surface Interval, and go diving!

We can help you finish up, with flexible scheduling and a great instructional staff!

Finish up with us.


  • Minimum Age:  10
  • Instructional Materials from Previous Instructor
  • Proof of Previous Training (Signed Logbook / Referral Forms)
  • Reasonable Fitness

Our Class Includes:

  • Professional Instruction/Remediation
  • Entrance Fees to Dive Site and up to 3 Certification Dives
  • Rental of Buoyancy Compensator, Tank, Regulator, Weights, and Weight Belt
  • Certification Fees and Card

You Will Need to Provide or Purchase:

Next Scheduled Class:

For More Information:



Special Considerations:

This program is designed to allow students who have begun a PADI Open Water Diver program with another instructor to complete their certification with Surface Interval.

Students will need to have proof of their current completed confined water and knowledge development sessions in order to receive credit for them.  This proof can be a referral form or a signed logbook.

Potential students with questions should contact a Surface Interval Instructor for guidance.

Open Water Training Dives:

Open Water training dives will be conducted either at Devil's Den, Blue Grotto, or DeLeon Springs State Park.

Recommended Materials: